AnniQ is an artificial intelligence platform that empowers your business decisions by taking advantage of business data plus our BigData market information. 


AnniQ is a bundle of algorithms and dashboards that help to make better decisions on marketing, sales, customer segmentation, inventory management, and cash flow.


  1. Sales Forecast: Get predictions about your future sales, a deep understanding of the business cycle.

  2. Marketing: Understand customer behavior, not only by purchases. Get the optimal Customer segments.

  3. Customer Predictions: When will be the next purchase? Get this answer to all your customers, and the probability of abandoning (churn).

  4. Inventory Management: Improve your inventory cycles, make better deals, and reduce the acquisition cost.

  5. Cash-flow: Get forecast and understanding of your cash future, prepare the business to critical times, or take advantage of excess cash.

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Putting artificial intelligence in your hands

AnniQ is a Web Analytics platform that simplifies business decisions by taking advantage of data. No previous knowledge or background in artificial intelligence, statistics, mathematics, even technology; you only need to know about your business model. It is simple.


  1. Upload or connect your data

  2. Select how many periods want to predict

  3. Use dashboards and make better decisions

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We are an edge technology company, democratizing the usage of artificial intelligence in business environments. Our purpose and passion are to empower startups, SMB around the world to take advantage of data applying AI. You don't worry about technical or data science background. 


You can focus on your business model and create disruptive and exponential strategies.


We born as a spin-off of a Colombian company called Bernier Group that focuses on solving business needs through AI. In 2020 AnniQ launch his platform after train the algorithms for more than three years in several business cases.

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"Artificial intelligence is a tool that empowers business processes to use data, create knowledge, and interact with users in real-time. The purpose is the key to an artificial intelligence strategy."

Jean Phillip Bernier


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