Consult your most frequent questions about the AnniQ platform, here we help you to solve them.

All accounting information is processed by the artificial intelligence of AnniQ?
Yes, this information is processed by artificial intelligence. The entire AnniQ platform and its artificial intelligence runs autonomously in the AWS cloud, i.e. there is no interaction, review or manual processes with humans.


Is there human intervention in the processing and analysis of the information?
No, there is no human intervention, for such analysis the process is done by artificial intelligence.
Does anyone have access to my information?
No person from AnniQ or external to AnniQ has access to your files or your base data to work on them.
What benefits and controls do I have with AnniQ regarding my information?
If this information is encrypted
  1. The information is encrypted
  2. Third parties are encoded to be processed in the algorithm.
  3. You have different extra levels of security
  4. The files cannot be accessed externally.
  5. Information is stored in a specific database
Is AnniQ an accounting or auditing system or does it report my information?
No. AnniQ is not an accounting or auditing system, nor does it report Client information to the DIAN or is it obliged to report Client information to the DIAN or any other control entity.
Is my information safe with AnniQ?
AnniQ has a privacy and data protection policy for each of its Clients, users and platform in general; this policy is publicly available on AnniQ's website. You can consult AnniQ's privacy and protection policy in the following link
Do I have a team of people to support me on the AnniQ platform?
AnniQ's Onboarding and Customer Success teams are focused on making sure that our users' experience when uploading files and interpreting their dashboards is the best it can be. These human teams or no other are involved in the processing of the files.
What are monthly analytical runs?
Analytical runs are the number of times per month that all AnniQ algorithms can run. That is, the number of times you can load or update the daybook in the platform.
If I purchase AnniQ today, do I have access to all dashboards?
With any plan you have access to all dashboards, but there is a difference in the data source, if you upload accounting information you will have access to the financial dashboards, but if you upload only billing data you will not have this function.

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