How companies around the world are using artificial intelligence?

We are facing day by day a grow in the number of companies using artificial intelligence, but the big question is how they are using it? 1. Virtual assistants, chatbots, and voicebots, powered by artificial intelligence and RPA are common solutions, a lot of companies use them to reduce response time and enable the user to get solutions on the own when need it. Today companies use it to automate customer service, sales, prospecting, post-sales process, human resources support activities, scheduling meetings and more. 2. Market and sales analytics, use the past data to get insights and prepare for the future, also include market data to create stronger predictions. Today companies use it to forecast sales, customer segmentation, inventory, and cash flow management. 3. Image and video processing, understand the context of photos or cameras to make decisions, for security, face recognition, visual quality control, customer experience. 4. Document management, go beyond scan or upload a document into a platform, understand the content if it and make decisions using content using the business context. These are just a few examples of how AI can transform a company.

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