How the early adopters of artificial intelligence in business is changing the game rules an market?

How the early adopters of artificial intelligence- AI in my business sector is changing the game rules and market share? That is the actual situation of a lot of companies about AI and the transformation that it means for the business model Should the company first increase revenue and Clients to start an AI project, or first start integrating AI to the business model? While a lot of companies are chatting about this "dilemma", there are a few companies around the world in each economic sector taking the advantage of AI and empowering the business model with competitive forces for the actual decade What will be the market for the companies that don't transform the business model today? How to continue being players on the local or global market? How to manage the sales decrease and pricing competition? AI is not the solution by itself, is go beyond and transform the business model, empower people and a continuous path to efficiency, always with the focus to create more powerful and custom value proposition in the way of Customer Experience associated not only to the product, to the entire brand The world is talking about the digital revolution, not for fashion, which is a revolution because the game rules are changing radically #ArtificialIntelligence #Business #AnniQ

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