How to ensure a purpose to artificial intelligence project?

Ensure a purpose in the way of business strategy for artificial intelligence projects into the company must be the intersection of the business model, value proposition, user needs, and market opportunities Business model: Customer relationship, key activities, cost structure, revenue are the most critical points to be impacted by artificial intelligence, the focus should optimize and automatize, creating transversal algorithms that interact with users to new brand experience (internal and external) Value proposition: It is important to visualize the new value proposition and how the users receive more value and differentials, create a better and unique user experience with the brand. Opportunity and empower user is part of the process User needs: It is important to solve the situations and problems critical for the user (internal and external), solving and empowering them is the key * Market opportunity: Change, innovate and differentiate is the goal, understand and discover new ways and diversify the business is the goal. Increase Clients and users with the same or lower infrastructure, be efficient, global, real-time service is part of the business transformation #ArtificialIntelligence #Business #AnniQ

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