How to integrate artificial intelligence into the business and not die in the process?

There is a lot of failed AI projects on the market, most of the time the problem is not the data or the development process, which is the change adoption and strategy used to integrate it into the business model

Integrate AI into the business and not die in the process demands strategy, time, embrace change, transforming and an open mind

1. Understand business needs and opportunities. Have a deep and wide understanding of what concerns the business, find a purpose to the AI, identify the challenges and transform it into an opportunity

2. Identify the business questions that must be needed to solve. The purpose should be extended to specific and scoped questions that AI should answer. The business questions are not only the question, is identify the context, data needed, how to use the response into the business, answer presentation

3. Data science process and focus to have an MVP to validate AI into the business and start driving change and transformation

4. Validate value proposition and how the AI fits into the business, must to adapt, change, unlearn, learn and develop new ways and skills. This includes people as change drivers

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