How to take advantage of data with artificial intelligence?

One of the results of the daily operation is data, the challenge is to use it, analyze it, understand it and apply it to the business operation. Most companies are deeply immersed in their daily operation and that reduces the time to be a data-driven company.

Artificial intelligence is a powerful technology and tool to take advantage of data but is not magic, it demands time and investment to create value from data transforming it into knowledge that could be applied to daily operation and automatize the process execution.

The macro view of the process to enable the business to be data-driven is:

1. Identify the internal data sources, your company has more than you think. Emails, procedures, documents, records, databases, photos, videos, specialized software (CRM, ERP, others). There are huge data sources alternatives

2. Create business questions that need to be solved using data. Set a purpose, goals, and scope to an artificial intelligence project

3. Develop an MVP project using a data science methodology like CRISP-DM

4. Set a validation strategy and business adoption of the artificial intelligence solution and change

5. Improve, unlearn, learn again and transform

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