The sales forecast prediction dilemma

I had a lot of talks with Customers about the role of a sales forecast prediction, how to use it, how to measure the accuracy and the value for the business Sales forecast prediction using artificial intelligence is a scenario simulated based on historic data, internal and external. It shows a possible future behavior of the sales of the company The value of that predictions is the opportunity to prepare and change that scenario. If a prediction shows that March sales go down in 30%, is the opportunity to start creating strategies and actions to change this scenario, and at least neutralize the situation or even increase sales and have a better month The prediction should be used to prepare the company, change a possible negative future situation and try to improve it. The role of the prediction is to give insights to create strategies and always focus on growing How to measure the accuracy of the prediction that says to go down if the company creates new strategies and the scenario changes? The accuracy should be measured against the sales KPI, if it can accomplish or exceed, prediction accuracy is good because it empowers the company with an opportunity to adapt, change and grow #ArtificialIntelligence #Business #AnniQ

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