Why use artificial intelligence to create sales forecasts?

The sales forecast is not a new tool for business, for a lot of years or maybe decades, salespeople use the forecast to make decisions and drive the business. But, sometimes this forecast isn't objective and takes a lot of time to create it, and most critical, sometimes fail. Artificial intelligence is a new way to create a sales forecast, it could integrate more variables to the process, internal and external, could create different scenarios based on data, but most important, empower salespeople to simulate the business future and focus on strategy and actions. Salespeople with the right tools, based on data and artificial intelligence, is a powerful team. The Customer is changing, market too, as companies, we need to bring the right tools to our people, enabling them to create value, strengthen relationships, think, imagine, innovate and disrupt. Data process we should leave to artificial intelligence because it means to enable the business to learn from data and transform into business decisions and opportunities. Today a lot of companies are using artificial intelligence to have a deeper understanding of the market behavior, are your company using it? #ArtificialIntelligence #Business #AnniQ

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